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     The ship pictured above was USS Nicholson (DD982), a Spruance class Destroyer commissioned in 1979. SPRUANCE class destroyers were gas-turbine powered and fairly large for Destroyer class ships. Being freed from the requirement for hours-long wait for steam to build up for propulsion, this class of ship could if necessary be underway from the pier in a matter of minutes.
     I joined the Nicholson (nicknamed the "Nick", or as the crew called her, the "Nasty Nick") in Athens, Greece in February, 1981 after a journey from Philadelphia to Rota, Spain to USS John F. Kennedy, a helicopter ride to a Greek Island, and then to a Greek AF Base and a wild taxi ride to the ship. I walked aboard the ship just in time for the annual Chief Petty Officer examination, which I passed and ultimately was advanced to CPO.
     The Nicholson returned to her homeport of Charleston, SC in spring of 1981 and departed for her second Med deployment in early 1982. I was advanced to CPO early in this deployment and was transferred to the Fleet Reserve shortly after that cruise ended in 1983. In 1991 I received my retirement from the Navy. My tour of duty aboard one of the most advanced warships in any Navy at the time should have been the most rewarding sea duty of my career except for the 2 megalomaniacal commanding officers I served under.
     USS Nicholson was commissioned into the Navy May 12, 1979 and was decommissioned December 20, 2002. She was stricken from the rolls on April 6, 2004 and sunk as a target ship on July 30, 2004.  The Spruance class of destroyers has been replaced byThe Arleigh Burke class of guided-missile destroyers (DDGs).  

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