ST. PETER'S BAPTIST CHURCH CEMETERY is an African American cemetery located just outside Broaddus, in San Augustine County, Texas. The cemetery is located behind the church, which is inactive; both appear to be some-what neglected.  The cemetery was visited, photographed, and transcribed on October 19, 2009, by Bob Britnell.
(  Pictures of the church, cemetery, and all markers are available if requested.
DIRECTIONS:  on SR147 just north of Broaddus near the school, turn west on FM1277.  The church and cemetery are on the left just around the corner.  You can also get to the location from SR103 by turning south on SR147 or FM1277.
Twelve of the sixteen identifiable graves are marked with metal funeral home markers, and there are at least two graves with no marker.

CARTWRIGHT, K.B.; 1950 -- 1972
CARTWRIGHT, Nathan "Nathe"; 1896 -- 1984
DUFFIELD, Percy; b. Dec 5, 1920; d. Sep 3, 1966.  PFC, BTRY B, 933 AAA AW BN, CAC,

     WWII. (Veterans Marker)
DUFFIELD, Fannie  (this funeral home marker has no dates)
GARRETT, Herman Jr.; 1963
MATTHEWS, Sylvia; b. Aug 4, 1902; d. July 16, 1974. (flat marble marker; had to

     excavate from the ground)
NASH, Gladys; 1935 -- 1994
NASH, Bonnie Dell; b. July 9, 1958; d. Oct 20, 1958 (this is my "best-guess" on first

     name; could be "Ronnie")
NASH, Mrs. Gladys Nell; b. Aug 8, 1935; d. Dec 3, 1994  (hand-lettered concrete

NASH, Johny W.; 1962 -- 1962  (next to this grave is one with no marker)
NASH, Henry Earl; 1951 -- 1952
NASH, Ola Mae; 1913 -- 2000
NASH, Mr. Sammy Curtis; b. Jun 1, 1945; d. Mar 20, 1993.  Age 47
NASH, Cleven Ray; 1944 -- 1988
NASH, I.G.; b. Feb 16, 1944; d. May 10, 1980
POLK, Roberta; 1918 -- 2001
TEEL, Jim; b. Dec 21, 1897; d. July 18, 1959.  (flat marble marker)