MT. OLIVE CEMETERY, San Augustine County, TX, was photographed and transcribed on March 11, 2011, by Bob Britnell ( and sister, Sandra.  We discovered this small cemetery while searching (without luck) for a different cemetery.  This cemetery is very hard to find, as it's located in the deep woods of San Augustine County in an area heavily infested with new natural gas wells and pipeline construction, and there are many little roads leading off in all directions -- none marked with identifying road signs.  Heavy truck traffic on the narrow dirt roads compound the problems.  DIRECTIONS:  From San Augustine, take FM711 nw from US96, 11 miles to CR246 just short of the Shelby County line.  Turn left, go about 2.5 miles and watch closely on the right for a sign on a dirt road; the cemetery is just a stone's throw down this road.  
     We photographed all headstones in this cemetery, and will provide them to anyone who asks.  There are several unreadable metal funeral home markers, and a few headstones placed for living persons; these are not included here.

EZELL, J.B.; b. July 18, 1886; d. Feb 21, 1915
FOUNTAIN, Thomas Brooks; b. July 31, 1852; d. Oct 27, 1934
FOUNTAIN, Martha Frances; b. Jan 30, 1862; d. July 10, 1940
FOUNTAIN, John I.; (No Dates) Co. E, 4 BN, Hilliard's ALA Legion, CSA. (Note 1)
PERRY, Baby; b & d Sep 1, 1907.  A Little Bud of Love
PERRY, Thelma; b. Nov 4, 1917; d. Jan 22, 1918
RUNNELS, Louis A. III "Tony"; b. Feb 18, 1955; d. May 18, 2004
RUSHING, Albert Earl; b. Oct 21, 1944; d. Jan 27, 2010.  SSgt, US Air Force
RUSHING, Nicky; b. Feb 19, 1955; d. Feb 25, 2010
WARR, Fannie; 1821 -- 1906. (Note 2)
WARR, William H.; (No Dates) Co. K, 1 GA Mil, CSA. (Note 2)
WELLS, Benjamin Franklin; 1846 -- 1901. "In Memory of a Father I Never Knew"

Note 1:  John Isaac Fountain was born in December, 1844, in Georgia, and died in San Augustine County, Texas. The application for a military marker shows his date of death as Dec 3, 1912; an online family file shows birthdate as Jan 13, 1913. John lived in Panola County for about 2 years before moving to San Augustine County where he lived until his death. John married Penelope (Pennie) Hatton in Dale County, AL July 4, 1866.
Note 2: Martha Frances (Fannie) Ezell Warr was born in 1835, not 1821 as indicated on her marker here. A family file online shows her date of birth as 1847, but this can't be correct as that same file shows her first child as born in 1851 when she was 4 years old. Someone didn't check their facts very well.  Census reports agree with the 1835 date, especially the 1870 and 1900 reports. The same family file indicates that Fannie died Feb 28, 1925 in Shelby County, TX, and shows her date of marriage as Mar, 1850. Frances and William (shown as "Henry") appear on the 1900 census for Shelby County, TX in the household of their son Robert L. Warr. On the 1900 census they indicate they had been married for 49 years, making the year of marriage as about 1851, when Fannie would have been 16 and William 30. Robert, their son, died in 1956 and is buried in Old Salem Cemetery, not far from Mt. Olive, across the county line in Shelby County.