DICKERSON-HEAD CEMETERY, San Augustine County, Texas was surveyed 29 October 2008.
      I guessed at the name of this cemetery; there is nothing to identify it but the names on the ten headstones. 
The earliest burial was probably Sarah Head (1879), but the most prominent grave is that of Martha Dickerson, (1900) which is enclosed in a white picket fence covered with a tin roof.  The cemetery is sadly neglected, badly overgrown, and almost impossible to spot from the road.
     DIRECTIONS:  From the intersection of US96 and SR103 south of San Augustine, go west on 103 to FM1751; turn left (south) on 1751 and go 1.2 miles to the bridge over Chinquapin Creek. Just across the bridge there is an overgrown driveway on the right that is usable if you don't pull in too far.


Martha H. DICKERSON; 1832 -- 1900
Artie DICKERSON  (No dates on the stone)
Tom DICKERSON; 1858 -- 1902
Cam M. DICKERSON; 1861 -- 1940
Buddie DICKERSON;  born Feb 23, 1900; died Nov 30, 1900
John HEAD; 1798 -- 1883.  Texas Militia, War of 1812
Sarah HEAD; 1809 -- 1879  (wife of John)
Lou HEAD; born Sep 13, 1865; died June 9, 1921  (double headstone with Richard)
Richard HEAD; born Feb 15, 1848; died May 23, 1911  (son of John & Sarah)
Susan A. HAUGHTON; born Sep 15, 1855; died Feb 19, 1893. Wife of E.B. Haughton
Dollie D. CLARK; 1884 -- 1903