ALEXANDER HORTON CEMETERY, San Augustine County, TX, was surveyed February 20, 2010

DIRECTIONS:  from the Elementary School on the corner where SR147 turns left from SR21, go north on 147 about a mile; the cemetery is on the left, behind the Texas Historical Commission marker. There are about 20 graves in the cemetery, but only 10 have markers.  The website "Find-a-Grave" has additional names for this cemetery, at

The following information is quoted from the historical marker:  "Pioneer, Soldier, Civic Leader, and State Legislator, Alexander Horton (1810-1894) came to Texas in 1824. He served as an Aide-de-Camp to Gen. Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836. This cemetery is situated on property Horton bought in 1837. His home once
stood adjacent to the plot. According to family tradition, the first grave here was that of Horton's brother William Wade, a Texas Ranger who died in 1849...."
The names are listed in order of burial, starting with Alexander and his wife in the far left corner. In addition to the names listed here, there is one unmarked concrete sarcophagus, almost buried by weeds and dirt, in the middle of the cemetery.

Col. Alexander HORTON, Aide-de-Camp to Gen. Sam Houston at San Jacinto.  Born in      Halifax Co. N.C. Apr 18, 1810.  Died Jan 11, 1894.  Soldier of the Republic of Texas (small footstone) (Very large double monument with his wife)

Mary Elizabeth HARRELL, Born in Amite Co., Miss.  Sep 6, 1830, married to Alexander HORTON Dec 3, 1847, Died Aug 29, 1923  (she was his second wife) (monument erected by State of Texas, and bears a bronze star with the notation "Citizen of the Republic of Texas")

Louvenia C. Horton NEAL; Dec 31, 1854 -- July 21, 1932. Wife of Harrel M. Neal; married Jan 22, 1878

 D.E. SHEFFIELD, Co. C, 4 MS Cav, CSA (no dates on this military marker)

 Willie SHEFFIELD; Jan 19, 1885 -- Nov 26, 1941

 Carrie SHEFFIELD; Sep 15, 1891 -- Feb 24, 1981

 W. Maurice SHEFFIELD, Sr.; Apr 3, 1914 -- June 15, 1984

 Myrtle Sheffield BOREN; Nov 20, 1911 -- Oct 22, 1986

 Peggy Joyce Boren MILLIGAN; June 14, 1933 -- Nov 14, 1997

 O.A. Jay BOREN; Sept 19, 1905 -- Jan 31, 1993